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Peterhead to be Scotland’s second employment SPZ

Words: Roger Milne

Proposals for what would be Scotland’s second simplified planning zone (SPZ) for industrial and commercial activity are now being drawn up by Aberdeenshire Council planners.

The SPZ will cover an area to the south of Peterhead.

The initiative, approved in principle by the council’s infrastructure services committee, is designed to strengthen the town’s position as a key strategic investment location, complementing works aimed at regenerating the town centre.

The SPZ would lie at the northern gateway to Energetica, a 30-mile development corridor stretching from Aberdeen to Peterhead.  

It will remove the need to apply for planning permission for development that complies with the SPZ scheme.

The duration of a SPZ is 10 years from its adoption, with monitoring and review on an annual basis.

Councillors have agreed that officers should begin the statutory process for the creation of the SPZ, including consultation with key agencies and partners.

Scotland’s first employment SPZ is at the Hillington Business Park (the country’s biggest), seven miles west of Glasgow city centre. It has triggered 20,000 square metres of development.

The proposed Peterhead South SPZ is not exected to involve retail, leisure or residential floor space.

Image credit | Shutterstock