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Permission shortage spooks Dublin housing supply

Words: Roger Milne

There is enough land zoned for housing around Dublin to provide as many as 100,000 houses and apartments, but only a fraction of that land has planning permission for development.

That’s the main conclusion of a new report on the housing supply capacity position in Greater Dublin. This has found that there are 2,233 hectares of land zoned and potentially available for residential development in the four main local authority areas.

According to the report, commissioned by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland, this land could deliver more than 100,000 additional housing units and provide housing for about 269,000 people.

But this assessment, which is the first to map actual planning permissions and residential zoned land in Dublin, found a serious shortfall in the number of planning permissions required to meet the number of required units over the next five years.

The report, compiled by Future Analytics Consulting for SCSI, found there was a minimum housing unit requirement of more than 35,000 units in Dublin for the years 2014 to 2018.  Current planning permissions are for some 26,000 units, leaving a shortfall of a minimum of 9,000 units.

Simon Stokes, SCSI head of residential property, said: "This study provides further evidence for the need to start building new homes in Dublin to address the housing supply shortage and ease the pace of property price inflation.

"The situation in the Dublin City Council area is critical while South Dublin County Council is very serious. It's clear these are the two areas which require urgent attention.

"We need more developers and builders to work with the local authorities to begin more new developments in these areas."