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Pembrokeshire seeks information on illegal tree felling

Words: Laura Edgar
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority chief executive, Tegryn Jones, and warden manager for the south, Tim Jones / Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority

In response to the illegal felling of protected trees, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority has taken the ‘unprecedented’ step of erecting two temporary information at the site in a bid to find the person responsible.

The trees were felled at the nature reserve in Upper Burrows, Freshwater East, in the park’s boundaries.

More than 30 trees in a woodland protected by a tree preservation order (TPO) and owned by the authority and a local resident, were illegally cut down in 2017.

Jane Gibson, director of park direction and planning at Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, said: “This is the worst breach of a TPO I have encountered, with felling on land that didn’t belong to the perpetrator, and the authority is left to undertake remedial work to selectively clear, coppice and replant the site at significant cost.”

Tim Jones, countryside manager (south) at the park authority, explained: “Nobody would have commissioned such work unless they stood to benefit from it, and the police are continuing to investigate, but we need more evidence.

“The bilingual advertisement will highlight the criminal act at the site of the felling in the Upper Burrows area of Freshwater East and will provide details of the £1,000 reward for information.

“If you know who might have done this or commissioned the work, please contact Dyfed-Powys Police on 101 or the authority on 01646 624800.”

Image credit | Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority