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ONS predicts population will increase by 10m in 25 years

UK population will grow by 8.3 million in 25 years

Britain’s population is projected to increase by 9.6 million – which is larger than the size of London’s population – over the next quarter of a century, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 
The ONS said that 60 per cent of the increase from an estimated 63.7 million in mid-2012 to 73.3 million in mid-2037 is “directly attributable to future migration (43 per cent) and indirectly attributable to the effect of fertility and mortality on future migrants (17 per cent)”.
The projected 9.6 million rise in the population would mean an increase greater than the current 8.3 million population of London. 
The figures also project an increasingly ageing population, with the average age increasing from 39.7 years old in 2012 to 42.8 by mid-2037. The number of people aged 80 or older is projected to more than double over the same period to 6.2 million. 
The ONS said a breakdown of the projected 9.6 million increase over this 25-year period was made up of 5.4 million more births than deaths (57 per cent of the rise) and 4.2 million in net migration into the country (43 per cent).