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Nottingham sets out vision for next four years

Words: Huw Morris

Nottingham City Council aims to build or buy 1,000 homes and create 15,000 jobs over the next four years as well as becoming carbon-neutral by 2028.

The council’s plan for 2019-23 envisages developing 4,000 homes, including its commitment to 1,000 social homes. The city wants to be carbon-neutral by 2028, ensuring that “all planning and development decisions take account of environmental and sustainability considerations”.

The council prioritises completing the transformation of the south side of the city centre, including the college, library and Broadmarsh car park, bus station and shopping centre. It also aims to start the redevelopment of Broadmarsh West, including land to the west of Carrington Street, the Castle College site and land around the Trip to Jerusalem with a new square, public open space and appropriate development “to ensure the castle is visible and showcased as an important asset of the city”.

It pledges to continue transforming land alongside the River Trent “into a neighbourhood of choice”.

As part of its transport promises, Nottingham will promote and build tram extensions south of Clifton and from Chilwell park-and-ride to the proposed new HS2 Station at Toton, and explore the feasibility of further significant tram extensions through Netherfield to Gedling Colliery and Gamston and west of the city to Kimberley. It will also upgrade cycle routes to encourage more leisure and commuter cycling.

Other aims include reducing the number of empty shops from 15 per cent to below 10 per cent and returning Nottingham to the top six retail rankings outside of London. The city also intends to be a “bee-friendly” city, with suitable habitats in every neighbourhood and promises to plant at least 10,000 trees.

“It is about the future of our city for all who live, work, study, invest and visit here,” said leader David Mellen and chief executive Ian Curryer in a foreword to the plan. “We will use this document to lead the plans and decisions we make over the next four years.”

Image credit | Shutterstock