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Nottingham approves plan for where homes can be built

Words: Laura Edgar

Nottingham City Council's full council has given the go-ahead for the adoption of a document that identifies potential sites for development and their uses.

The Land and Planning Polices Document (LAPP) Part 2 includes guidance for developers on what and where development can be built, as well as the areas and heritage assets that should be protected.

It identifies the type of development that will be permitted on each site, whether that be office space, retail, employment or residential.

It will guide how Nottingham develops over the next 10 years. Planning officers and the planning committee will use the document when deciding whether to grant or refuse planning permission.

The council explained that at the heart of the plan is a greater emphasis on housing, including the delivery of more affordable housing, and a mixed tenure of housing that meets the needs of the city's residents.

The council is seeking to protect current housing from being converted to houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) as well as making sure that at least 10 per cent is accessible and adaptable to support vulnerable people with specific needs.

New developments will be required to give consideration to the surrounding biodiversity and environment and the greater requirement for open space.

Linda Woodings, portfolio holder for planning, housing and heritage at Nottingham City Council, said: “This is an important document, which has been developed and consulted on over a number of years. Now adopted, it will help us identify opportunities for growth and set out guidance on what will be permitted and where it will go.

“The sites identified in the plan are not necessarily owned by the council or will definitely be developed, but as the city grows, it’s important that we plan ahead and ensure polices are in place. They will help guide developers and planners to ensure the right things are developed, in the right places and where they are needed for Nottingham and its citizens to prosper.”

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