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Northern Ireland round-up: Luxury golf course proposal teed up for NI capital; Faltering carbon curbs

Words: Roger Milne

A round-up of planning news in Northern Ireland: 14 July-20 July, 2018

Luxury golf course proposal teed up for NI capital?

A multimillion-pound luxury golf course designed by Jack Nicklaus could be destined for the capital, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

The Planner

Carbon curbs faltering, claims committee

Northern Ireland is falling behind on commitments to cut carbon, as outlined by the Committee for Climate Change in its recent report to the UK Parliament.

Belfast Telegraph

Capital’s Glider bus lanes go live

The new bus lanes in west Belfast for the capital’s Rapid Transit Glider service will come into force next week, just under two months before the inaugural service becomes fully operational.

Northern Ireland Executive

Belfast Trump tower revelation

The construction of a Trump hotel in Belfast had been on the table during the development of the Titanic Quarter, DUP MP Ian Paisley has revealed.

Belfast Telegraph