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Northamptonshire council updates enforcement plan

Words: Laura Edgar
Greater clarity on enforcement / iStock-614037306

South Northamptonshire Council has launched an updated Local Enforcement Plan to provide ‘greater clarity’ and guidance on the planning enforcement process in the district.

A new online form will speed up the process through which breaches are processed, said the council.

Phil Bignell, South Northamptonshire Council’s portfolio holder for planning, explained that the aim of the plan is to facilitate an “effective, proportionate, consistent and helpful” way of dealing with suspected breaches of planning control. It outlines the rationale behind the decision-making process and timescales for dealing with enquiries.

“Instead of sending multiple emails or calling the planning department several times, those using the online form will be walked step-by-step through all the information the council requires,” said Bignell.

“There are those who are not able to go online, so we are keeping phone lines open.

“But going online can be done at your own convenience and you can be certain your complaint can be dealt with from the outset.”

The Local Enforcement Plan can be found on the South Northamptonshire Council website.

Image credit | iStock