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North-West planning permissions outside built-up areas

Words: Laura Edgar

Half of planning permissions granted between 2012 and 2015 in Warrington and Blackburn were located outside the existing built-up area, according to a study.

Location of Development: Mapping Planning Permissions For Housing In Two North West City-regions, published by the RTPI, suggests that 64 per cent of housing permissions were within 10 kilometres of a major employment centre in Warrington.

In Blackburn, 59 per cent of permissions were 10 to 20 kilometres away from employment centres.

The report follows a national report – Location Of Development – published in March last year, which mapped planning permissions for more than 165,000 houses across 12 English city-regions.

In November 2016, the RTPI published a follow-up focusing on Oxford and Brighton.

The North-West report maps the location of planning permissions granted for 118 major housing schemes, with 50 units or more, in local authorities surrounding the towns of Blackburn and Warrington, between 2012 and 2015.

In terms of transport, the report also notes that 29 per cent of housing permissions around Blackburn were within easy walking or cycling distance of a railway station, compared with 21 per cent around Warrington.

James Harris, policy manager at the RTPI, said: “Our maps and figures provide greater understanding of where housing permissions are being granted in towns and villages across the North-West. While the combined authorities of Manchester and Liverpool are increasingly able to monitor and influence patterns of growth at the city-region scale, it’s also important to understand the spatial relationship between housing, jobs and infrastructure in areas without the same strategic planning powers.”

The report can be found here (pdf).

Image credit | Shutterstock