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Nominate your ‘women of influence’ 2019

Words: Simon Wicks
Women of Influence image with logo
There’s less than one week left to nominate your Women of Influence for 2019! The survey closes at 3pm on Monday, 25 February.

Please read! Some guidance on nominations

Please consider the following before making your nomination:

  • Don't just go for the first well-known name that comes into your head. She will already have been nominated.
  • Think about unsung heroines. Who are the women who are quietly changing planning without receiving the accolade you feel their work deserves?
  • Be personal. Who has actually influenced your work and approach to planning directly?
  • Think internationally. We're not just looking for UK planners. Which international planners are shaping ideas and practice?
  • Think about non-planners. This isn't just about professional planners. This about people who influence professional planners. So, think also about campaigners and activists, community representatives, politicians and journalists. Our previous Women of Influence list contained them all. Take a look!
  • Think about ‘academic’ planners – the women who are conducting the research, unearthing the evidence and providing the ideas that are changing our approaches to planning. Who are they?

Thought it through? Make your nomination(s).

Influence. It could be as weighty as changing national policy or as localised as being a good role model to junior staff in a local authority or small consultancy planning team.

Every year on International Women’s Day (8 March) we publish a list of influential women in planning, as nominated by our readers. What started life in 2015 as an impromptu engagement exercise on Twitter has become much bigger.

Over the years the list has grown to more than 150 women, across the public and private sectors, academia, politics, law and the media. It includes fellows of the RTPI, members of Parliament, and journalists and campaigners for a better built and natural environment. It is non-ranked and non-competitive. It is simply the women our readers think deserve to be mentioned and is intended to highlight the breadth, depth and quality of work that women do in planning and the built environment.

A change for 2019

This year we’re doing things a little differently. We’re going to remake the list from scratch and for the first time we’re requesting formal nominations. Furthermore, we’re asking contributors to justify their nomination with good reasons for including a particular woman on the list. We’ll be wanting to know what this woman has done in the past two years to earn the title of ‘woman of influence’.

We’re going to be more rigorous in our selections, too, and not simply add people because they’ve been nominated: this year’s list should truly be a guide to the most influential women working in or influencing the field of planning right now. It’s still going to be non-ranked and non-competitive, though – we're not into artificial hierarchies here.

Everyone who makes the list will receive a digital ‘badge of honour’ – a Woman of Influence logo that they can add to their website or email.

So please do have a look at last year’s list and then make your nomination(s) using the Women of Influence nomination form on Survey Monkey, linked above. Please do share the link, too. We want as many nominations as possible by the closing date of 25 February.


Nominate your women of influence here!

Click the link and fill out the form to tell us who you think should be on The Planner's 2019 Women of influence list.




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