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NI appeals body completes its assessment of key power line project

Words: Roger Milne
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The Northern Ireland Planning Appeals Commission has completed its report into the country’s section of the North-South Interconnector project, the subject of a public inquiry that finished earlier this year.

What it has recommended is unknown, however, and what happens unclear until there is a new infrastructure minister to determine the scheme.

Planning permission for the southern leg of the £210 million project designed to link the two electricity transmission grids north and south of the border has already been granted by An Bord Pleanála, the Irish Republic’s independent planning agency.

The commission’s report and recommendations have been sent to the Department for Infrastructure and joins a growing list of major projects requiring determination by a minister.  

Because of the existing impasse over a new administration in the Province there is currently no minister to make the decision.

The project involves proposals for 138 kilometres of overhead power lines between Moy in County Tyrone and County Meath. The Northern Ireland stretch involves 60 kilometres of new pylons.

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