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News analysis: Beating down social barriers

Words: Laura Edgar

Last year, the RTPI published the results of its 2017 Member Survey, which featured in the December issue of The Planner. It suggested that the demographic profile of the 4,225 people who responded was in line with the membership as a whole. Here, The Planner has taken a closer look at the profession’s diversity, as well as the institute itself and the parity policy for the magazine.

p6_demographic.png Are you satisfied with...? PayNet satisfiedNet dissatisfiedMen72%25%Women65%30%White71%27%Mixed65%32%Asian/Asian British58%38%Black/Black British45%48%Arab80%20% Career progression & opportunitiesNet satisfiedNet dissatisfiedMen61%30%Women55%38%White59%33%Mixed59%35%Asian/Asian British54%40%Black/Black British35%55%Arab80%20%&nbs........
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