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New rail station between Cardiff and Newport gains traction

Words: Roger Milne
New rail line for Cardiff and Newport / iStock-184838626

Ambitious proposals for a new park-and-ride mainline rail station and business district located between Newport and Cardiff have made significant progress.

The Welsh Government, along with financial services giant Investec and entrepreneurs Nigel and his son Andrew Roberts, have established a holding company, South Wales Infrastructure Ltd (SWIL), to deliver the proposed Cardiff Parkway train station on the South Wales-to-London rail line at St Mellons.

As part of the new partnership, the government will become a shareholder and investor in SWIL. The government and Investec will provide equal funding for the next phase of the development.

The aim is to submit a planning application for the station this summer, with construction expected to begin in 2020. The ambition is for the station to be served by trains to Swansea, the Cardiff Capital Region, London, Bristol and Birmingham.

Through its investment the Welsh Government will also have a stake in the project’s proposed 65-hectare business district close to the station, which over the long term could see up to 278,700 square metres of new grade A office space built.

The project, unveiled two years ago, would involve the first mainly privately funded railway station in Wales since rail nationalisation.

Ken Skates, economy and transport minister, said: “This is an exciting project which we at the Welsh Government are very pleased to be a part of. It’s an excellent example of government and the private sector coming together to look at how best we can deliver better rail infrastructure while also creating high-quality jobs.

“As well as the obvious day-to-day benefits for commuters, this will also help to manage congestion and reduce air and noise pollution in central Cardiff while dramatically improving access by public transport for those in the area of St Mellons.”

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