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New public transport plan mooted for Dublin

Words: Roger Milne

Transport minister Paschal Donohoe has revealed ambitious plans to develop new bus, rail and Luas links to connect Dublin City with the airport and the Swords district. Proposals are expected to go to Cabinet before the summer.

The plans are part of a drive by Donohoe to see capital spending on transport projects more than treble, from €500 million a year to €1.8 billion, which he said would simply get it back up to historical, long-term average levels.

"We will look at a new Luas line. The plan would look at a new hard-rail network, new redesigned metro, or maybe a combination of those and BRT, which is a higher-capacity bus system on its own road network,” said Donohoe.

He insisted that a reduced and revised version of the costly Metro North project with fewer stations was still on the table. “What I will take to government for recommendation is a new public transport plan for Dublin, with particular focus for the north side of our city.”

He said the main priority was to develop the links between the city centre and the airport and the Swords area, which he said was set to expand significantly in the decade ahead.