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New partnership aims to tackle skills shortage

Words: Laura Edgar

The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and the Home Builders Federation (HBF) have together launched a £2.7 million initiative to train 45,000 new home building workers by 2019.

It is hoped that the initiative will help to tackle the nation’s housing shortage.

The Home Builders Skills Partnership, working with research on their needs from 40 UK home builders, aims to bring together firms of all sizes to ensure that the industry has the skills required to build more homes, said the HBF. This includes promoting collaboration on skills across the supply chain so future needs can be planned for.

The partnership, added the HBF, will support more than 3,500 construction businesses and by 2019, train 45,000 people and 1,000 experienced workers with the new home building training qualifications. Using industry insight, new training and qualifications will be developed to suit the modern home building sector.

Stewart Baseley, executive chairman at the HBF, said: “The partnership will enable us to develop targeted training that meets the specific needs of our industry in a structured way so we can grow steadily and sustainably.”

Steve Radley, policy director at CITB, added: “Home building faces major skills challenges and we will only meet them through new ways of working. Home builders have said they want to work with CITB to anticipate their skill needs, to get closer to their supply chains and to ensure training provision and qualifications meet their needs.

“The Homebuilding Skills Partnership will deliver the infrastructure, the tools and the funding to meet the industry’s skill needs.”

The partnership will be overseen by a board chaired by John Tutte, CEO of Redrow, and its members will be senior industry representatives and the CITB.

Tutte said: “The Home Building Skills Partnership will bring together and build on the industry’s excellent work and commitment to tackle the skills shortage. The partnership will work to ensure we have a qualified workforce to deliver the high-quality new homes the country needs.”

CITB works with construction industries in England, Wales and Scotland.

The HBF is the representative body for private sector home builders and the home building industry in England and Wales.

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