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New neighbourhood proposed for Harborough

Words: Huw Morris

An online planning application has been submitted for 1,200-home neighbourhood on the eastern edge of Leicester.

Parker Strategic Land’s application is in line with Harborough District Council’s Local Plan, which was adopted in April.

The developer has worked with Harborough’s planners alongside Leicester City Council and Scraptoft Golf Club to secure the site – the second largest in the local plan. The 1,200 homes will make a significant impact on the 12,800 homes scheduled for Harborough by 2031.

The neighbourhood will also comprise a retail centre, healthcare, community and care facilities, a primary school and nursery, plus green infrastructure, as well as open space for sport and recreation, parks and play areas.

The scheme also aims to improve the natural environment of Scraptoft Brook, a waterway that runs through a concrete culvert.

The bulk of the land is occupied by a golf club, which will move to a nearby site.

Image credit | iStock