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New law to drive forward electric car chargepoints

Words: Huw Morris

Motorway services and large petrol retailers will be required to install chargepoints for electric cars under legislation unveiled by the government.

The Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill aims to increase the access and availability of chargepoints for electric cars. It also gives the government powers to make it compulsory for chargepoints to be installed across the country and enabling drivers of automated cars to be insured on UK roads

“This bill will aid the construction of greater infrastructure to support the growing demand for automated and electric vehicles as we embrace this technology and move into the future,” said transport minister John Hayes.

The Department for Transport said automated vehicles could greatly reduce road traffic accidents. In 2016, nearly 86 per cent of collisions causing injury involved human error, while the market is estimated to be worth £50 billion to the UK economy by 2035.

The bill received its first reading in the Commons this week.

Image credit | Shutterstock