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New homes need more parking

homes with parking

Councils should make sure housing developments are built with more parking to ease congestion, the government says.

Local government secretary Eric Pickles says more measures are needed to stop a ‘vicious cycle’ in which clogged-up streets mean unfair fines and parking restrictions.

The government propose to rein back maximum parking standards, which have previously restricted house builders from providing homes with car parking spaces.

The Department for Communities and Local Government’s recent planning consultation seeks councils’ support to provide more parking.

Pickles, said: “Families want a home with space for children to play in the garden and somewhere to park and load the car, or cars. The consequences of not building this are there for all to see: more cars left on the curb, more cars parked in the streets, more municipal parking restrictions and more parking tickets.”

“No space at home leaves no space on the road. We need to cease this vicious cycle that leaves our streets endlessly clogged up. Allowing the market to offer enough parking spaces will help take the pressure off our congested roads.”