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New homes boost as Irish cabinet is shuffled

Words: Roger Milne
housing in Ireland

The Irish Republic’s deputy prime minister, Jane Burton, has promised to triple the number of new homes built by 2020.

Burton, who retained her position as minister for social protection in the Irish cabinet reshuffle last week, has said the government will establish a construction programme to triple the number of houses built to 25,000 by 2020.
As a result of the reshuffle the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government now has a new face at the top.
Alan Kelly is replacing Phil Hogan who is heading to Brussels as a commissioner. Jan O’Sullivan, formerly housing and planning minister, has taken charge of education.
Ms Burton said: “We have moved from a situation of building far too many houses in the wrong areas to building far too few in the right areas, particularly in Dublin.
“It is imperative that we move urgently to improve the supply of housing for both home purchasers and those renting.”
She stressed that housing would be the number one priority of the department of the environment for the remainder of the government’s term.