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New data shows Welsh councils performing better on affordable homes

Words: Roger Milne
Empty homes / Shutterstock_131120936

The latest data collected on local authority performance shows that councils in Wales are continuing to increase the provision of affordable housing.

The latest figures published by Data Unit Wales show that 41 per cent of all additional housing units provided during 2014-15 were affordable housing. The figure for the previous 12 months was 37 per cent.

The statistics also show that local authorities are doing better in terms of dealing with empty homes. Some 11.8 per cent of long-term vacant private sector dwellings were returned to occupation through direct action by local authorities in 2014-15. In 2013-14 the figure was 9.2 per cent.

Overall, the report published this week by the Unit shows that the performance of local councils has improved for 63 per cent of comparable performance indicators compared to 2013-14.

The gap in performance (between the best and worst performing authorities) has also narrowed for more than half of the indicators.

Data Unit Wales publishes a set of performance indicators for council departments, including education, children’s and adult social services, waste and recycling, housing and homelessness, food hygiene, roads and transport, library and leisure services, and corporate management.

The figures rank how each of Wales’ 22 councils are performing on each indicator. Cardiff Council was in the top group of authorities for just 10 per cent of the indicators – the worst performance in Wales. The Vale of Glamorgan and Ceredigion tied at 48 per cent to be the best overall performers in the country.