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National park asks builders to consider the park for new homes

Words: Laura Edgar
Yorkshire Dales National Park / iStock-494447560

The Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority (YDNPA) has urged landowners, developers, builders, planning agents and housing to consider building new homes in the park.

In an email, the national park explained that its planning polices have changed recently. One of the main objectives is to increase housing supply.

A new local plan has set out a target of building 55 new homes built in the park each year. Last year, the park said, 39 homes were built.

It is thought that a lack of affordable housing in the Dales is hindering the ability of local communities to retain and attract young people and families.

Carl Lis, chairman at the park, said: “We want to nudge builders into action.

“New build housing is now permitted in more towns and villages across the national park than ever before.

“We have put together a long list of sites that have the benefit of an existing planning permission or housing allocation. Our message is simple: if you bring forward high-quality schemes for these sites, we will approve them.”

The park’s local plan was adopted in December 2016 and since then plans for 79 homes have been approved (50 of these were delivered owing to policies allowing for the conversion of roadside barns and other other buildings to local occupancy dwellings).

Lis added: “Policies now permit more open market housing than before, making it more financially viable for developers to build the affordable and local occupancy homes that are so badly needed by local communities. Affordable and local occupancy housing is also subject to more flexible criteria. The authority will negotiate on the mix of housing provided on development sites.”

A guide to the new policies can be found on the YDNPA website.

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