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Murphy promises national planning framework sign-off in December

Words: Roger Milne
Eoghan Murphy / Fine Gael

Irish planning and housing minister Eoghan Murphy has told TDs that the final version of Ireland 2040, the national planning framework, will be ready for cabinet sign-off in December.

The minister stressed that by 2040 there would be another one million people living in the Republic and a need for half-a-million new homes.

“If we continue to grow as we have been, if the status quo maintains – depleting our communities and our regions, sprawling away from our urban cores – then our cities will choke off (in particular our economic engine in Dublin) – and the country will die,” he warned.

“When we look at the growth of one million people and where they might live, we have to try and manage that growth between our five cities, as well as between our three regions”.

The minister said that meant 25 per cent of national growth happening within Dublin, and half of that within the M50. It meant another 25 per cent forecast growth happening in the cities of Cork, Waterford, Limerick and Galway. And it meant that 50 per cent of the population growth would happen everywhere else.

He stressed that for the first time the national planning framework would align with the 10-year National Investment Plan. Murphy promised that the national framework would be the “bedrock” and foundation for all other development plans: the three regional spatial and economic strategies and the city and county plans, as well as the local area plans.

“This will be the new hierarchy – and it will be set in law,” he told TDs.

Murphy used his statement in the Dáil today (26 October) to point to the need for more flats. “With less than 1,000 properties available for rent in Dublin and similar low levels in all our other cities, there is not just undersupply, but a gaping hole in the supply of affordable accommodation (and rental accommodation) in the heart of our cities. Turning that tide means we simply have to deliver more apartments in our cities”.

Image credit | Fine Gael