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More than 2,000 homes approved in Coventry

Words: Laura Edgar
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Coventry City Council has granted outline planning permission for a residential development of up to 2,400 homes, including extra-care accommodation, which will be located on the 350-acre Eastern Green site.

The approved plans, by Hallam Land Management and the Trustees of the Eastern Green Land Pool Trust, also comprise:

  • new vehicular access from the A45 and via Pickford Green Lane;
  • 15 hectares of employment land (B1, B2 and B8);
  • about 10,000 square metres for retail space;
  • about 1,000 square metres of local convenience retail plus other community facilities;
  • a primary school; and
  • open spaces, landscaping, green infrastructure and sports provision.

The site was formerly part of the green belt. It was removed after independent examination of the local plan by an inspector and allocated for a sustainable urban extension. The local plan came into force in December 2017.

The planning officer's report (pdf) outlines that that development should be granted planning permission subject to a number of conditions and the completion of a section 106 agreement.

Objections were received from a number of organisations during the first consultation. These included complaints from: Sport England, which said it would take back its objection if suitable contributions were made towards indoor sport; Highways England, which cited inadequate assessment of the strategic road network; the Environment Agency, which asserted that the scheme did not take into account climate change allowances; and the Ramblers Association outlining its fears about the loss of green belt land.

Parish councils and residents also objected to the plans for reasons such as inadequate public consultation and how increased traffic would negatively impact rural roads.

A second consultation also drew objections from the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, as the development would not result in a net gain of biodiversity.

A petition against the plans bearing 1,597 signatures was also submitted.

The officer noted that since their submission nearly two years ago, the plans have been consulted on and revisions made to address the issues raised.

“It is considered the amended scheme has addressed officer concerns subject to conditions the substantial package of s.106 measures discussed above in this report. The proposed development would make good use of land, provide a high-quality mixed-use development that meets the needs of Coventry," the officer's report states.

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