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More homes recommended for south-east Scotland regional strategy

Words: Roger Milne

South-east Scotland’s latest draft regional plan should be amended with higher housing targets, say the three planning reporters who examined the blueprint that covers the capital and its hinterland.

A report on what is known as SESplan 2 - the next strategic development plan for south-east Scotland - was submitted to ministers this week. They will have the final say on the strategy.

The reporters concluded that 103,896 new homes need to be built across South-East Scotland by 2030 – an increase of well over 30,000 on original proposals. Meeting this target will require more land to be allocated for housing and not just previously developed or brownfield land.

“Sites for greenfield housing development proposals may be allocated in local development plans or granted planning permission to maintain five years’ effective housing land supply, subject to criteria”, they said.

They also argued that the regional plan should recognise that the south-east area incudes “significant water bodies and areas of flood risk. Further assessment of flooding will be required at the local and more detailed planning stages.”

The SESPlan2 covers five local authorities as well as the capital: Scottish Borders, East Lothian, Midlothian, West Lothian and Southern Fife.

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