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Ministerial decisions shake-up mooted

Words: Roger Milne

The Welsh Government has set out proposals to improve the handling of appeals, call-ins, and other planning and related decisions made by Welsh Ministers.

These proposals, now out for consultation, would: 

·       introduce an expedited system for advertisement appeals in line with the Householder Appeal System and Commercial Appeal System, currently subject to a pilot scheme;

·       change how called-in applications and appeals by statutory undertakers are dealt with;

·       introduce the ability for an appeal against non-determination to be returned to the local planning authority for a decision within a prescribed timescale; and

·       transfer authority for the determination of certain appeals from the Welsh Ministers to the Planning Inspectorate.

The administration has insisted that these measures would mean “a more proportionate, cost-effective and streamlined decision-making process which meets the needs of applicants and appellants while improving the processes used by the Planning Inspectorate and the Welsh Government”.

Many of these changes have already been implemented in England.