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McLoughlin warns of delay to London airport expansion decision

Words: Huw Morris
Heathrow Airport / iStock_000050552194

A decision on airport expansion in London could be delayed until September, transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin has indicated.

Last year, the Airports Commission recommended expansion at Heathrow, with Gatwick named as second favourite, with a final decision to be taken by the government.

Prime Minister David Cameron postponed a decision last December for six months to consider further research into noise and pollution.

Now Mcloughlin has warned the “timetable is very tight” for a decision before parliament breaks up for its summer recess in July, citing the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq war among priority issues requiring government attention after the EU referendum.

“What I’m certain is that you can’t take this decision when the House of Commons is not sitting,” he told the Evening Standard.

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