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Mayor publishes 24-hour plans for London

Words: Laura Edgar
London at night / Shutterstock_644901148

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has outlined 10 principles that aim to help the capital ‘become a trailblazing city at night’ as he pledges to plan for life at night in the same way the city does for the day.

Khan said the plan would enable London to become a leading 24-hour global city, competing with Berlin, Tokyo and New York.

The 10 principles focus on building a night-time culture that “serves the needs of all Londoners and visitors to the capital”. These include:

  • Be a global leader.
  • Promote vibrant forms of culture, leisure, retail and service activity.
  • Take account of future global and domestic trends in leisure, migration, technology, employment and economics.

Night Czar Amy Lamé and the new Night Time Commission chaired by Philip Kolvin QC, which will include planners, licensing experts, venue owners, the police, and leaders of major cultural organisations, will work to bring Khan’s plans to fruition.

Lamé and Kolvin will support local authorities to plan for life at night in their planning, licensing, culture, regeneration, community safety and economic strategies to bring a diverse night-time culture to every borough. They will also work with cultural organisations, international stakeholders and investors to open up more opportunity for London after-hours.

Khan’s 24-hour vision seeks to address challenges facing the prosperity of the capital’s night-time economy, including the supply of workers from across the European Union and rising business rates.

Kolvin said the vision gives the commission the guiding principles needed to ensure that decisions around planning, licensing and building for the future make the night-time economy a priority.  

The mayor’s 24-hour vision can be found on the Greater London Authority website.

Image credit | Shutterstock