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Mayor announces three new Housing Zones

Words: Laura Edgar

Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, has announced a further three housing zones for London.

The zones are in Brent, Westminster and Sutton.

18 out of a promised 20 Housing Zones have now been announced, with the final two to be announced later this summer.

Johnson says that nearly £44 million will spent across the three new zones, together providing around 6,600 new homes, improved transport links, new retail precincts and more than 13,000 construction jobs.

Johnson said: “This scheme has proven extremely popular with boroughs, who have clearly been looking for just that extra bit of assistance in revving up their housebuilding to answer clear demand from Londoners. I could not be more pleased at the progress of this innovative scheme and the real outcomes it has delivered for our city.”

The Edgware Road Housing Zone in Westminster will deliver 1,113 new homes with 537 of these, according to Johnson, being affordable. The Alperton Housing Zone in Brent is expected to deliver 3,213 homes by 2025 with 880 designated as affordable.

The news comes as Johnson reaches 50,965 new homes for the capital under the Housing Zone scheme, passing his target of 50,000.