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Masterplanning for Cork docklands area makes waves

Words: Roger Milne
River Lee, Cork / iStock

Cork City Council planners have held workshops this week as they prepare to draw up development masterplans for 220 hectares of docklands along the River Lee.

The development could provide new neighbourhoods delivering 9,500 new homes and 29,000 jobs.

Two areas are involved – land around the City Docks and near the Tivoli Docks. Together they have a river frontage of three kilometres.

Planners have said that most of the housing in the city docks will be higher-density flats that make efficient use of land and support services such as a proposed mass transit system. Also under consideration is the provision of a new Eastern Gateway Bridge at Tivoli.

The proposals have an infrastructure price tag of €1.3 billion and could almost double the size of the city.

Image credit | iStock