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Manchester’s interim mayor named

Words: Laura Edgar

Tony Lloyd has been selected as the interim mayor of the Manchester city region.

The current Police and Crime Commissioner and former Labour MP was chosen by a panel representing the 10 Greater Manchester councils – the leaders of Bury, Bolton, Manchester, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, and Trafford, the mayor of Salford and deputy leader of Wigan council.

Lloyd was chosen ahead of the leader of Wigan Council, Lord Peter Smith.

The interim mayor will work in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority and become its full-time leader from 26 June, when the appointment is set to be confirmed, until May 2017 when a public vote will take place for a directly elected Mayor.

Lloyd will not have any executive powers.

The directly elected mayor will be responsible for devolved powers include transport, housing and planning.

Lloyd said now is an exciting and challenging time for Greater Manchester.

“As we move towards devolution we have to ensure that there is a strong voice making the case to government on Greater Manchester's behalf. I am pleased that I will be that voice, but to be effective my role must carry legitimacy with the people of Greater Manchester,” he said.

He emphasised that he wants the public to be involved on issues like health and economic development as the region moves forward, saying these "decisions are too important to be made behind closed doors".

“The changes we need can only be delivered if the public has bought into them and are included in the debate.”

Jim McMahon, leader of Oldham Council, said: “This is an exciting time to be living and working in Greater Manchester. The devolution agreement has given us a fantastic opportunity to build on the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities' pioneering work and I’m looking forward to working alongside Tony Lloyd and the other council leaders to ensure this interim period lays solid foundations for our future.

“Greater Manchester are the trailblazers in this process and we know our work to drive growth and reform will be watched very closely up and down the country.”