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Man-made islands win Ebbsfleet landscape competition

Ebbsfleet, HALO, Kent plan

A series of man-made islands similar to the Palm Islands in Dubai could be created in a currently inaccessible lake at Ebbsfleet Garden City in Kent.

The HALO, (Hives, Arcs, Links, Organics) project, which would see a series of islands linked by walkways in the 12-hectare Blue Lake, was the winning idea submitted in an international landscape competition.

One would be an arts and culture island for open-air performances; floating hotel pods and a start-up business area would sit on other islands. HALO also envisages areas for residents to grow produce, an adventure playground, a beach and ‘eco-islands’ for wildlife.

The competition was organised by the Landscape Institute on behalf of the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and NHS England’s Healthy New Towns project.

Kevin McGeough, director of Ebbsfleet Garden City’s Healthy New Towns project, said: “This exciting and inspiring design exceeded our expectations. We have been encouraged by the innovation and the wide variety of approaches in this scheme.”

A primary school at the new town in north Kent has already opened and work is under way on a bridge to connect residents to Ebbsfleet International station. Ultimately, the new town will house 15,000 people in a settlement designed along garden city lines.

Image credit | Ebbsfleet Development Corporation