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Major onshore wind farm proposed for South Lanarkshire

Words: Roger Milne
Turbine / iStock: 512004136

The renewables arm of the Banks Group has revealed proposals for a major onshore wind farm consisting of up to 60 huge turbines in South Lanarkshire.

The scheme, rated at 300 megawatts, would be the UK’s third largest by electricity generation and capable of meeting the electricity needs of a city the size of Dundee.

The company suggested that the £300 million scheme could generate a local community fund worth £45 million.

The proposed wind farm, at Bodinglee, would be located either side of the M74 between Douglas and Abington – not far from Banks’s wind farms at Kype and Middle Muir. The site is situated on farmland owned by the Douglas and Angus Estates.

Image credit | iStock