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Major new Limerick neighbourhood shapes up

Words: Roger Milne

Proposals for a new neighbourhood with thousands of new homes located on 40 hectares of publicly-owned land in Limerick city with Colbert rail station as a central transport hub have been unveiled this week.

That prospect, spearheaded by the Land Development Agency, involves lands owned by CIÉ, Limerick City and County Council, the Health Service Executive, the Department of Education and the Department of Justice.

Five internationally recognised architects and urban designers have contributed to a 35-page report called: A vision forColbert Station Quarter Limerick which is now out for public comments and consultation. The document suggests how a new gateway to the city could be created focussing on developing cycling, pedestrianisation and “reducing the dominance of the car”.

This should be done via “a network of connected parkland and greenway recreational areas” with Colbert rail station as the focal point. The area could sustain a population of between 5,250 and 26,000 residents and provide between around 3,000 or as many as 10,000 new dwellings, possibly alongside a new central park, offices and a full range of urban amenities.

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