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Major development decision times improve in Scotland

Words: Laura Edgar
Scotland / iStock

Statistics published by the Scottish Government’s chief statistician have suggested that the overall decision time for all major developments in the country was nearly seven weeks quicker in quarter two than the previous quarter.

In total, 57 applications were decided in an average of 33 weeks.

Year on year, the statistics show there was an improvement of 12 weeks compared with July to September in 2016/17.

In addition, there were 23 major applications decided that were subject to processing agreements, of which 18 (78 per cent) met agreed timescales in the second quarter of last year.

The average decision time for the 22 major housing developments decided in Q2 was 36.4 weeks, quicker by eight weeks compared with the previous quarter – 44.2 weeks – and more than 12 weeks quicker year on year (48.5 weeks).

With regard to local applications, the overall average decision time was nine weeks for 6,849 applications, a slight increase on the previous quarter, which set a time of 8.8 weeks. This was slightly quicker than the previous year (9.1 weeks).

The second quarter of 2017/18 saw a decrease in the number of local development decisions made, down to 74.3 per cent from 77.6 in Q1 of 2017/18 and 76.3 per cent in 2016/17.

In total, 423 local developments were decided that had processing agreements in place, of which 344 met agreed timescales.

Average decision times for local housing developments increased when compared with Q1 in 2017/17, from 12.2 weeks to 12.8 weeks.

In terms of approvals, 93.9 per cent were given the green light, down from 94.1 per cent in Q1.

The full statistical report can be found on the Scottish Government website.

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