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London Assembly calls for family homes boost

Words: Martin Read
Affordable homes / Shutterstock: 516642517

Conservatives on the London Assembly have requested that the draft London Housing Strategy and draft London Plan should be reviewed to include targets and provisions for new three and four-bedroom family-sized homes.

In a motion proposed yesterday, leading Conservative member of the assembly Andrew Boff warned that a continuing lack of liveable housing for families “will make it harder for families to live in London and will result in increased overcrowding and deprivation”.

Boff, who is deputy chair of both the London Assembly’s housing and planning committees, pointed out that Sadiq Khan’s predecessor as Mayor of London had worked to a target of 36 per cent of all newly built homes being discounted family-sized homes.

This target, said Boff, had been scrapped under current London mayor Sadiq Khan. Indeed, “the mayor’s London Plan actually prohibits boroughs from setting family-sized homes targets. We must reintroduce our previous target to go some way to make families feel welcome in London again and give hope to those families living in overcrowded conditions.”

The motion, supported by nine votes to 0, called on the mayor to “revisit the assumptions in his Strategic Housing Market Assessment, to ensure that suitable targets and provisions are made for new family sized-homes of three and four bedrooms, and to prevent the loss of existing family homes”.

Speaking after the vote, Boff commented: “There are 360,000 young people being brought up in overcrowded conditions in London, and we want the mayor to do more for them.”

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