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London’s worst junctions fall under safety spotlight

Words: Huw Morris

The junctions with the worst safety record for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists in the capital have been identified by Transport for London (TfL).

The move, which identified 73 junctions, is based on casualty figures in the past three years, revealing the junctions with the poorest safety records. It aims to prioritise junctions with the most accidents and includes sites where work has recently been completed, some where work is planned, and others that require new safety studies.

Some 21 junctions have had significant improvements within the past three years and will now be monitored to ensure casualty levels significantly fall and to improve the future design and construction of projects.

Another 33 junctions have improvements planned within TfL’s current business plan, including Lambeth Bridge North and Waterloo IMAX, which will be consulted on this summer. A total of 19 junctions will undergo new safety studies to identify possible solutions and improvements. 

Improving safety of these junctions is a key plank of London mayor Sadiq Khan’s £2.1 billion healthy streets initiative, while the new approach to reducing road danger is part of TfL’s forthcoming transport strategy.


Image: iStock