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Liverpool submits £230 million 'Green City Deal' proposal to Johnson

Words: Huw Morris
Liverpool City Region / iStock-467030583

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has submitted a bid to Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a £230 million 'Green City Deal' that aims to tackle climate change and grow the economy.

Anderson estimates the deal would inject £5 billion into Liverpool’s economy in five years and make the city carbon neutral, while creating jobs and delivering clean air, smart travel and energy-efficient homes.

The deal aims to support the government’s Clean Growth Strategy, address issues highlighted by the independent Committee on Climate Change earlier this year and build on Liverpool’s declaration of a climate change emergency in July.

It features a proposal to make the £1 billion Paddington Village development one of the country’s greenest new developments, and an exemplar for air quality with state-of-the-art carbon-neutral infrastructure and transport, including the possible use of driverless vehicles to link to the city centre.

Under the deal, Liverpool seeks to build or retrofit 6,000 lifetime standard homes with triple glazing, smart energy meters and heating or light sensors, alongside solar panels, heat pumps and electric charging points.

A total of 3,000 of the new homes would be delivered to the very best low carbon standards, with the remainder retrofitted to modern low carbon standards. A third of these homes (2,000) would be new and refurbished council houses.

Liverpool also wants to offer incentives to the private sector to build more energy-efficient homes, with similar properties also forming part of the city’s council house building programme and its own housing company, Foundations.

The ideal deal would be linked to developing a local supply chain with businesses and their workforces to design, install and maintain the technology used in carbon-neutral homes, as well as capitalise on commercial opportunities.

The council is also working with unions UNITE, the GMB, TUC and local employers to work up a proposal for an innovative clean growth vocational training hub. This would aim to equip people with the skills required by employers in key sectors, while also promoting fair employment practices.

“We need to be bold, radical and ambitious if we are to meet our target of becoming a net zero carbon city by 2030,” Anderson said. “There are huge opportunities for us to improve the lives of all residents across the city, whatever their age or background, with better and more energy-efficient housing, the use of smart technology and by making sure our young people have the right skills to take advantage of the jobs in these growth sectors.”

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