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Liverpool City Region receives new funding from government


The government has announced a new funding agreement that will benefit residents, businesses and the local economy in the Liverpool City Region.

The agreement will see £120 million moved into the city region’s revenue budget from its capital budget over the next 27 years.

The move will boost the city region’s investment programme, which launched following the £900 million devolution deal in 2015.

The funding will be used to improve the transport, learning facilities, housing    and boost economic growth in the city. 

On his visit to Liverpool, Robert Jenrick, exchequer secretary to the Treasury, said: ”Since 2010 we’ve seen nearly 50,000 new jobs created in the Liverpool City Region alone, and inward investment increased by 6 per cent in the North West as a whole in the last year.

He added that the “announcement will build on this progress and provide greater flexibility for leaders to deliver the jobs, infrastructure and growth in productivity that will help secure the region’s place in the new economy”.

Image credit | iStock