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LGA opens scheme for bids to solve housing crisis

Words: Laura Edgar
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The Local Government Association’s (LGA) Housing Advisers Programme is now open for bids from councils looking for support in overcoming housing challenges.

This is the second year the programme has run, with more than 40 projects supported through the programme last year.

Councils used the scheme to launch a variety of initiatives, including increasing the number of homes built to reducing homelessness.

The Housing Advisers Programme funds the provision of an independent expert for councils that are undertaking specific projects to tackle the effects of the housing crisis in their communities, such as planning for homes, housing delivery and reducing homelessness.

Best practice and lessons learnt from each project will be shared with councils and embedded into the sector-led improvement currently on offer from the LGA, it explained.

Martin Tett, housing spokesperson for the LGA, said the programme can make a huge difference to councils and the communities they serve.

“The programme aims to help councils deliver local priorities, and can be a valuable source of expertise to councils wishing to innovate and improve in their efforts to build more homes, reduce homelessness, and plan prosperous places and economies.

“It’s well worth councils who haven’t already done so looking at the programme and seeing how it can benefit them – a simple visit to the website is all that’s needed,” he said.

The LGA has called on the government a number of times to “trigger a renaissance” in council housebuilding, as well as to lift the housing borrowing cap for all councils, and allow them to keep 100 per cent of Right to Buy receipts.

Expressions of interest can be sent to the LGA until 26 June. Details about how to submit applications can be found on the LGA website.

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