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Lewis publishes new planning guide

Words: Laura Edgar

Housing and planning minister Brandon Lewis has published a plain English guide to how the planning system in England works.

It will be available to communities to better enable them to understand how the planning system works, and how and where they can get involved and have a say on future development in their area.

The guide also explains how local and neighbourhood plans are written and then adopted, and how to go about obtaining planning permission.

Lewis explained: “The previous system of top-down targets left residents powerless in the face of local development – our reforms have reversed this, and put people back in control.

“People are already voting with their feet, with 1,200 communities involved in neighbourhood plans, and 80 per cent of authorities have published a local plan – this plain English guide gives all the information anyone would need to get involved in the local decision-making process.”

Additionally, a guide has also been published on how to set up a free school, including how to obtain the appropriate planning permission. This guide explains that councils will have 13 weeks to make a decision on a free school application and, if permission is granted, development must start within three years.

Image courtesy of the DCLG