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Legal briefs: Waverley to defend Brightwells Judicial Review

Words: Roger Milne
Courtroom Gavel - legal changes that affect planners

A round-up of legal news: 24 September - 30 September, 2016

Waverley to defend Brightwells Judicial Review

Waverley Borough Council is facing a High Court challenge to its decision to proceed with a much-delayed regeneration scheme in Farnham, Surrey.

Waverley Borough Council

Jail avoided after threat cited to Donegal wind farm

A British corporate financier was spared jail after it was claimed a custodial sentence would “sink” a €1 billion wind farm in Donegal. However, the county council said it was unaware of any such planning application.

The Irish Times

State risks EU court fines over raw sewage

Ireland faces being hauled before the European Court of Justice for not acting to prevent raw sewage being discharged into waters by failing to provide waste water treatment facilities in 38 areas across the country.

Irish Independent

Developer fined for building regulation offence

Newport City Council has successful prosecuted a developer who failed to apply for permission to carry out building work.

Newport City Council