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Legal briefs: Supreme Court ruling settles Carmarthenshire turbine row; Key Supreme Court ruling on listed buildings

Words: Roger Milne
Scales of Justice / iStock: 155393832

A round-up of legal news: 16 May-22 May, 2020

Supreme Court ruling settles Carmarthenshire turbine row

The Supreme Court has refused Welsh ministers’ application for permission to appeal a ruling that s.73 permissions cannot alter the description of development, following a protracted legal saga over the permitted height of wind turbines at a site in Rhydcwmerau, Carmarthenshire.

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Key Supreme Court ruling on listed buildings

Planning inspectors should reconsider whether two lead urns that were placed on top of limestone piers at a historic house were ‘buildings’ or not, the Supreme Court has decided. This is a key ruling over what constitutes a listed building following a case involving enforcement action taken by Stratford-on-Avon District Council.

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ABP loses challenge over court jurisdiction

A High Court judge has refused An Bord Pleanála’s bid to appeal the overturning of the board’s permission for a biogas plant in County Meath, in a case that centred on the court’s jurisdiction in analysing the agency’s decisions.

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South Cambridgeshire accepts consultation failure over Longstanton drainage condition

South Cambridgeshire District Council has agreed to the High Court quashing its decision to discharge conditions relating to water drainage for a residential development in the village of Longstanton, which locals had not been able to comment on before determination.

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