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Legal briefs: Chippenham development row; Richmond common land rethink

Words: Roger Milne

A round-up of legal news: 22 January-28 January, 2022

Chippenham development row

The High Court has given permission to residents’ groups to pursue a judicial review over its claim that Wiltshire Council ‘did not consult appropriately” before approving a distributor road designed to facilitate a contentious 4,200-home development south of Chippenham.

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Richmond common land rethink

North Yorkshire County Council has agreed to reconsider its decision to de-register common land surrounding three historic buildings on Low Moor, Richmond, the site of a former horse racing track. The local authority has agreed to quash its earlier approval following a challenge from the Open Spaces Society.

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Save Britain’s Heritage loses City of London development challenge

The High Court has rejected a challenge by campaign group Save Britain’s Heritage over a planning decision by the City of London Corporation as both out of time and unfounded. The corporation, as the local planning authority, had awarded itself permission for the demolition of six buildings and the erection of three new ones including a court building and a police headquarters.

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