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Leeds City Council submits £60m HIF bid

Citu South Bank development

Leeds City Council has finalised a £60 million bid to build thousands of new homes in the city centre. 

If the bid is accepted, Leeds City Council will receive funding from the government's Housing Infrastructure Fund (HIF). The HIF bid is part of Leeds Living, a programme to build thousands more new and affordable city centre homes by investing in area-wide infrastructure to create vibrant and mixed communities.

The HIF money would improve connectivity by delivering bridges over highways and waterways, realigned and structured roads to improve cycling and pedestrian access to connect developments and communities to the city, according to the council.

Councillor Judith Blake, leader of Leeds City Council, said: “New housing and regeneration schemes have a huge part to play in tackling inequality across the city.

“Our communities, their aspirations and quality of life, are a focal point within our overall city vision. A healthy and functioning city centre housing market will support the provision of new shared amenities including schools, health facilities, and new public open spaces for leisure and recreation.”

Currently 25,000 people live in Leeds city centre, with 2,232 homes under construction. With demand for city centre living rising, there is capacity for up to 20,000 more homes to be built, of which 8,500 would be unlocked by 2033 through a successful HIF bid.

Leeds City Council hopes that by unlocking the HIF fund, more schemes using modern infrastructure with sustainable living at their heart will be developed.

Image credit | Leeds City Council