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Launch of key Dublin Docklands planning scheme

Words: Roger Milne

Dublin City Council has launched the North Lotts and Grand Canal Dock Planning Scheme - a key step in the implementation of the Docklands Strategic Development Zone (SDZ).

Around 22 hectares of land are available for development in this area. This is equivalent in scale to the entire Custom House Docks area.

The scheme envisages some 2,600 new dwellings and about 305,000-366,000 square metres of commercial floor space. The expectation is that this will result in a residential population of 5,800 and jobs for 23,000 people.

Under the planning scheme each major site is required to provide a mix of commercial and housing plus a range of services, new public spaces, parks and community and arts facilities.

“The future of the docklands is about more than construction. It’s about growing new communities and supporting existing community networks,” said Philip Maguire, assistant chief executive at Dublin City Council.