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Labour vows to end Right to Buy

Words: Laura Edgar
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Shadow housing minister for Labour Tereasa Pearce said a future Labour government would suspend the Right to Buy scheme and reverse the Pay to Stay policy.

She said the Right to Buy “can only make sense in a time of surplus, in a time of shortage it makes no sense at all".

The government’s housing priorities, Pearce said, are there for everyone to see in the Housing and Planning Act.

It is a “divisive, aggressive, flawed act, which includes an all-out attack on social housing”. It will lead to the loss of affordable homes, it doesn’t help the private rented sector and it fails to help the increasing number of people facing homelessness, she said.

“In truth, there’s little of any merit in this Tory government’s plans for housing.”

She added that the party have no answers to the housing crisis other than “building starter homes for the few’.

A Labour Housing and Planning Act would, Pearce continued, “remove the shackles” from local government to enable councils to build the homes of all tenures and infrastructure their communities need.

She said the party is committed to building over a million new homes over the next Parliament, half of which would be social housing.

It also wants to invest in construction skills to tackle the skills shortage and train up a generation.

Through its National Investment Bank and regional development banks, Pearce said the party would provide the necessary infrastructure.

Additionally, a Labour government would change the rules on tenancies so that a three-year lease “becomes the norm”.

Image credit | Shuttershock