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Khan targets 50% of new homes being affordable

Words: Laura Edgar
Sadiq Khan / Steve Punter

Labour MP Sadiq Khan has released his manifesto as part of his campaign to become the Mayor of London – making the provision of more homes to rent and buy a priority.

Khan also targets restoring London’s air quality to legal and safe levels as well as making cycling safer.


In A Manifesto For All Londoners Khan says the housing crisis is the “single biggest barrier” to prosperity, growth and fairness facing the capital today. Not only is it causing “misery” for Londoners, it is “damaging London’s competiveness”.

The manifesto says home ownership is “slipping further out of reach for more and more Londoners” while “homelessness is rising”, many face longer and more expensive commutes while businesses struggle to recruit and retain the people they need to grow and prosper.

In response Khan wants half of all homes built in London to be “genuinely affordable” to rent or buy, and he will set up 'Homes for Londoners' to “break the house building logjam”.

Homes for Londoners would include councils, housing associations, house builders, investors, businesses and residents’ organisations. “Together”, he says, “we will set out what we need from central government to enable us to build more homes”.

It would also bring together the mayor’s housing, planning, funding and land powers with “new experts” to raise investment, assemble land, to make sure Londoners get a “fair deal” from developers, and commission and construct new homes.

Homes for Londoners would deliver homes for social rent, London living rent (for people struggling to rent privately), homes for first-time buyers to “part-rent, part-buy” and ones Londoners would have “first dibs on”.

The manifesto also states Khan’s intention to protect the green belt and prioritise development on brownfield land and support councils to bring empty homes back into use.


To make sure the transport network in London offers commuters a “world-class and affordable experience”, Khan says he would personally chair Transport for London (TfL), and work alongside businesses and boroughs to plan the transport capacity needed for London’s future.

He is committed to freezing Transport for London fares for the next four years, as well as charges for the mayor’s cycle hire scheme.

The manifesto includes a pledge to “get Crossrail 2 off the ground”, plan the next major infrastructure projects for the long term, such as Crossrail 3, new orbital links for outer London or DLR and tram extensions, and makes the case for a second runway at Gatwick, opposing a third at Heathrow.

Walking and cycling

Khan aims to make London a “byword for cycling” around the world and wants to make both cycling and walking safer.

He pledges to increase the proportion of TfL’s budget spent on cycling, continue the Cycle Superhighway Programme, promote cleaner, safer lorries and deliver more cycle storage and parking.

Greener and cleaner

Khan wishes to consult on bringing forward the Ultra-Low Emission Zone, introduce Clean Bus Corridors, deliver electric charging infrastructure and prioritise the improvement of High Streets, squares and public spaces across London.

A manifesto for all Londoners can be found here.

Image credit | Steve Punter