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Khan plans London's housing around future transport links

Words: Laura Edgar

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said he will plan housing developments in areas where new transport links are set to open.

This includes 10,800 homes at Barking Riverside as a result of the extension to the Overground and 25,000 homes in south-east London because of an extension to the Bakerloo line.

Khan added that he would work with partners to bring forward “significant amounts of housing” along the north-east to the south-west of the capital, the route for Crossrail 2, as well as continue to accelerate development in more than 40 Opportunity Areas and bring forward all 31 Housing Zones.

These proposals have been outlined in A City For All Londoners, a document that is the first step towards the creation of a new London Plan, which sets out the rules for how London develops.

It builds on Khan’s election target of 50 per cent of new homes in the capital being affordable, including low-cost rented and shared ownership.

Khan aims to achieve this target using investment, public land and a new approach to viability that sets out “clearly the contribution that developments should make”.

“We will build desirable places to live where environmental and social infrastructure, enterprise and leisure space are integrated into new zero-emission, resilient developments (‘housing-led, mixed-use development’), and where more trains and low-emission buses run in areas where more people are living.”

The document also lays out Khan’s ambition to see more development in town centres, particularly those that would benefit from regeneration, and where resources are available. Many towns have transport links into central London that are good and it “makes sense to focus further development in these areas”.

“Intensifying development around well-connected transport nodes will form an important part of my vision for the city,” Khan said, “and I will explore the potential of areas around a number of stations as locations for significant and much higher-density housing development.”

A City For All Londoners is now open to consultation.

The mayor’s office said feedback would be used to inform a range of policies, including on planning and transport, with full strategies to be developed and published for further consultation in 2017.

Calling on people to submit their views, Khan said: “Our economy is one of the strongest in the world, but the uncertainty following the EU referendum result has exacerbated existing threats to London’s competitiveness.

“And for too many Londoners, the prosperity and wealth on their doorsteps is more remote and more inaccessible than ever before – especially an affordable and decent home.

“I want to lead a city that responds positively to growth, that celebrates its diversity and where people from all walks of life are safe, healthy and live well together.”

A City For All Londoners can be downloaded here.

Image credit | Shutterstock