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Khan calls in Hounslow development

Words: Laura Edgar
Hounslow Council has concerns of the development's impact on Kew Gardens / Shutterstock_159514856

The Mayor of London has called in a 427-home development on the Citroen Site on Capital Interchange Way, Brentford.

Sadiq Khan made the decision after Hounslow Council rejected the application on 16 February.

The plans, by housing association L&Q, include 40 per cent affordable housing, comprising 107 for shared ownership and 61 based on social rent levels. They also included a nursery, and retail and office space, which could lead to the creation of 43 new jobs.

The development would be located in a new Opportunity Area, which has been identified as having the potential to accommodate at least 7,500 new homes and 14,000 jobs.

The council refused the application on 16 February, citing concerns that the development would have a negative impact on local heritage sites, including Kew Gardens.

Khan said he and his planning team will “fully consider” the impact on heritage sites. City Hall will now work closely with L&Q to try to boost the amount of affordable housing even further than the current levels of 40 per cent.

He said: “I have been clear that I will use the full range of my planning powers to help get London building the new and genuinely affordable housing we so desperately need. This rejected application in Brentford already delivers a good number of affordable homes, but by taking it over, it gives me the opportunity to work with the housing association, L&Q, to increase the levels even further.

“I will, of course, weigh up concerns raised about the impact on nearby heritage sites with the pressing need for more new and affordable homes in London.”

Khan plans to consider the application at a representation hearing at City Hall later in the year.

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