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Khan ‘on track’ to deliver 17,000 affordable homes

Words: Laura Edgar
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A total of 12,546 ‘genuinely’ affordable homes were started in London between March and December 2019, according to statistics published by the Greater London Authority (GLA).

The mayor’s office said this is 74 per cent of Sadiq Khan's target for 2019/2020.

During the same period in 2018/19, Khan had started 42 per cent of his 14,000 affordable home starts target. Over the full year, 14,544 affordable homes were started.

Khan said: “Delivering the genuinely affordable homes that Londoners so desperately need has been one of my top priorities over the last four years. Therefore, I’m delighted that the stats show we’re firmly on track to deliver our ambitious target of starting 17,000 genuinely affordable homes this year.

“Social housing plays a vital role in binding our city together and I’m proud that councils across London have bought into my vision and helped us deliver more genuinely affordable homes for Londoners than at any time since City Hall took responsibility for social housing.

“We can’t solve the housing crisis overnight, but this shows what we can do when Londoners work together. Now it is time for the government to recognise what we have achieved, step up and give us the support and funds to keep building the homes London urgently needs.”

So far in 2019/2020 some 4,228 affordable homes were completed, while in 2018/19, a total of 7,544 were completed.

Andrew Boff AM, housing spokesperson for the GLA Conservatives, said Khan had “presided over nothing more than missed targets and sluggish progress”.

“These statistics clearly show that Sadiq Khan is not only on course to miss his minimum building target for 2019/20, but also failing to use the record £4.82 billion which the government gave him to get London building. At the start of his term the mayor said he’d use this money to build 116,000 homes by March 2022, but more than half of these homes are yet to be started with just over two years to go until the deadline.”

The statistics can be found here on the GLA website.

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